About Sidewalk Skincare

jody's run in with near-disaster was the night before her first nyc marathon. channeling her inner-carrie bradshaw for dinner on the town, she opted for a sumptuous pair of patent heels over something more "practical". the following day she realized perhaps she erred in judgment. nearly hobbled by her fashion choice, she thought, "athletes have secret formulas to prevent blisters and redness -- why isn't there a performance foot balm for everyday? there ought to be something for women on-the-go."

she had three criteria: it had to be chemical-free, more effective than the run-of-the mill sports balms she knew well from her triathlons & marathons, and sleek enough that it she wouldn't feel ashamed if fell out of her evening bag. thus, sidewalk shoe survival balm was born.

sidewalk is based in san francisco.  its products are inspired by its hometown lifestyle, as well as the founder's old haunts of new york & los angeles.