• ABC 7Live Lizzie’s Picks - June 2011

    "It's made locally, here in San Francisco. It uses natural ingredients. It smells good. A great product." more

  • Does Mommy Love It? - August 2011

    "When I first started using the balm, I loved the magic it worked on my heels. As time went on, I realized the versatility of this little tube of wonders. I’ve been training for a half marathon & this product has been a life saver!" more

  • The Examiner - March 2011

    "This is for everyone from the shoe addict to the working mother and endurance athlete and then everyone in between." more

  • The Daily - January 2012

    "Slice of life. What's on our radar." more

  • Daily Candy - July 2010

    "See that sleek gray tube in your clutch?  It might be more indispensable than your gloss." more

  • SELF Magazine - July 2010

    "You love your strappy sandals, peep-toe pumps and comfy wedges in the summertime, but they can really take a toll on your feet." more

  • SF Brides - December 2010

    "So what if you don't get a chance to sit down at your wedding? Here's an early present to insure you won't have to." more

  • Page Daily - December 2010

    "Remedy life’s little fashion emergencies with these perfect little product rescues." more

  • Beyond Black - April 2010

    "Some of the most comfortable shoes have that break-in period. Here are some of my tips for breaking in your favorite new shoes." more

  • Splendora - April 2010

    "If you love shoes, then this issue is for you. Say hello to Splendora's Shoe Issue devoted solely to our most adored accessory." more

  • Bridella - September 2010

    "Anyone who has ever been forced to wear a pair of shoes that gave them blisters will want to invest in a tube of this lovely concoction." more

  • The Purse Forum - April 2010

    "I got them last week and tried them on with my 4 inch brand new heels which i hadn't even broken into and OMG!!!" more

  • 24 Savvy - August 2010

    "Sleek enough to slide into whichever summer satchel you're sporting, it's a revolutionary balm that protects feet from shoes that just rub them the wrong way." more

  • Utah Bride & Groom - August 2010

    "We love it and it is our definite favorite pick of the week, not just for the bride, but for the Carrie Bradshaw in all of us!" more

  • Katie Rice Jones - February 2010

    "KRJ Approved! Protect your feet's with their exclusive jojoba, lavender oil & dandelion extract blend." more

  • SF Indy Fashion - August 2010

    "After testing the balm out in recent weeks, we're pleased with the results. It reduces the friction and rubbing bare feet often face in unforgiving heels and flats." more

  • - December 2009

    "Chic moms can rely on Sidewalk Skincare" more

  • Babyccino - July 2010

    "Rejoice! Summer is here in full force and with the clunky boots now tossed to the back of the closet it’s time to break out the cute sandals and flats" more

  • SPA Magazine - September 2009

    "This all natural gem (no parabens, petrochemicals, or synthetic fragrance) is now a staple in my purse for everyday use - whether it’s chafing from my too-high impractical shoes or for moisturizing dry spots - this does it all, and does so smelling absolutely amazing" more

  • 7x7 - July 2010

    "Have we got a deal for you." more

  • Nancy’s Fancies - July 2010

    "Who LOVES wearing sexy sandals but HATES blisters on your toes and heels?  Me!!!!" more

  • Whom You Know - October 2009

    "We love the Sidewalk Shoe Survival Balm because it solves problems, holds a unique place in the market, and enables us to look great and feel great." more

  • Reader’s Digest - July 2009

    "The Shoe Survival Balm....worked exactly as promised by creating a silky, comfortable layer between my skin and the tight spots on my shoes. It smells wonderful, ...and it feels smooth instead of greasy." more