with my wedding looming, i knew shoe comfort was of the utmost importance. so, i was armed with plenty of sidewalk. i have to say i was a happy camper that day in the foot department! no blisters whatsoever. not only did i dance all night, but i also never had to take my shoes off.  delighted bride to say the least!
-- tory, chicago

before donning my new pewter flats to knowingly be on my feet for 4 hours, i applied my sidewalk ..... and i have to say, it was a "pedi-saver"! i definitely felt no pinching, pain, chafing.... i was even comfortable until the tail end of the event! sidewalk does make fashion functional!
-- annie, baltimore

your product is a godsend! i was trudging through bloomie's in the worst choice of shoes, when i remembered i had your balm in my purse... it totally helped - and the aromatherapy oils helped revive my tired toes! and i love the smell -- it really does help perk up tired feet.
-- faye, san francisco

i recently gave shoe survival balm to my staff, and they are all now devotees - especially since we are talking about a bunch who would never be caught dead in anything but killer heels at work!
-- sara, los angeles

i have been using your balm almost daily. i actually apply it even when i am wearing comfortable shoes for the moisturizing effects! and i love the lavender scent -- light, not too overpowering, fresh and clean.
-- heather, san francisco

it's my first day back to work, so i've donned some high-heels ... i felt chafing right away, so used your balm... and all is good now! i shall keep this at my desk at all times from now on.
-- kimberly, laguna