shoe survival balm's devotees are stiletto addicts, maiden-voyagers of the mule, and elastic-afflicted flats-wearers, but it isn't limited to footwear woes.  the balm can be also used against irritating tags, itchy fabrics, and irksome bra straps. endurance athletes are opting to  use shoe survival balm over typical sports formulas, discovering it works better and more efficiently.

how to use
at the first sign of rubbing or redness, twist open the stick and glide over irritated skin. a thin, invisible coating of non-greasy, protective balm is all you need to nourish, repair and protect throughout the day.  slip it in your pocket or purse for reapplication on-the-go if your plans call you to your feet all-day or all-night long.

common-sense caution:
shoe survival balm's natural waxes and oils may darken fabrics. test discreetly on a small area prior to use.